Free Sexy Thai Photograph Mag

Once again we bring you photos of cute young Thai girls working the booths at yet another expo in Bangkok. This time its the Bangkok Internet Fair. Not sure what this expo is really supposed to be about. Anything that has to do with the internet I suppose. But from the Thai point of view that means mostly games and entertainment garbage, nothing serious or technical. After all, this is the Land of Sanook (Land of Enjoyment). There I was looking so fine in my club attire, so I thought. And all around me were little Thai hotties in bikinis. Nobody told me it was Bikini Party Night! What was this? A contest of some sort, or just an excuse to walk around in a bikini in close quarters with the crowd? And then get up on the stage and shake your little hot bod to the screams of the onlookers. Here is where we post all those other gorgeous young ladies that don't fit into one of the other categories and we write about in our blog. Photos of beauty pageant contestants, cute Thai coeds that we see running around Bangkok in their tight little school girl uniforms, cosmetic counter girls (when we manage to snap a photo), you name it. There are a lot of great events that take place at the nightclubs in Bangkok, too. They are often sponsored by the beverage makers, including Johnnie Walker (of course) and the beer makers, but also the makers of Hang, the hangover remedy drink. Then there are all those contests sponsored by FHM, Maxim and other men's magazines where all the Thai cuties who want lots of attention and a chance to be famous come out and strut their stuff for the appreciative spectators. Some of the events get pretty wild - check out the sticker parties for example. Also here I document some of the sexy fashion trends as they are displayed by the trendy Bangkok girls, tight little uniforms, snug office skirts, club wear, and swim wear although you don't see many bikinis at the beaches except those worn by foreign tourists.